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Welcome to the Support Portal from Nexans Advanced Networking Solutions

At the support portal you can download the actual firmware, manager and manual releases.

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Firmware Version V6.02K
A new Firmware version V6.02K for Management Hardware Version HW3 and HW5 is now available for download.

The new Firmware includes:

TACACS+ with Authentication/Authorization/Accounting (HW5)
Access Control Lists (ACLs) for IPv4 / IPv6 Layer 3 rules and MAC Layer 2 rules (HW5)
Zero Touch Configuration (HW5)
Display Running and Backup Firmware (HW5)
SNMP support for public ENTITY.MIB

NEXMAN Version V6.02K
A new Nexans Manager Version V6.02K is now available for download.

The new Manager includes:

Full IPv6 Support
Layer 2 discovery on an specific interface
Display Running and Backup Firmware
Inventory-List including MAC Address and LLDP information

Client/Controller: Zero-Touch-Configuration
Client/Controller: Syslog and SNMP Trap receiver
Client/Controller: E-Mail notification
Client/Controller: Zero-Touch-Configuration