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Application for remote maintenance, training and presentation. Please download this file, execute the program

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Firmware Version V5.02R
A new Firmware version V5.02R for Management Hardware Version HW3 and HW5 is now available for download.

The new Firmware includes:
• Support of new GigaSwitch V5 and Industrial V5 switch generation
• Support of new Industrial switch with HSR zero loss redundancy
• New firmware file naming with unified syntax
• Port Based VLAN and new VLAN table mode with 256 VLANs
• Stability enhancement for Spanning Tree topologies
• Extreme (ex Avaya) Fabric Attach
• HTTPS server certificate has been extended to 2048 bit
• New SSH and SCP key exchange, server key and hash methods
NEXMAN Version V5.02H
A new Nexans Manager Version V5.02H is now available for download.

The new Manager includes:

• All new features of the Firmware Version V5.02R
• First release of Client / Controller Version of NEXMAN
• The manager now supports up to four Device-Editors simultaneously
to edit and compare multiple devices
• The manager now comes with an automatic configurator for the Basic
• Simultaneous download of Config and Local Logging for multiple
• New columns “Power Consumption PoE” and “Input Voltage PoE”
• MAC Address Table now supports filtering by specific columns